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Rolland has a team of experts at designing access control systems that work not only with your security needs but also with you budget. Our 24/7 service team will help you for years after the install. 


Interchangeable Cores (IC) & Restricted Keyway Locks

IC cores are simplicity in standardization that can configure one door at a time with a variety of keyed systems from master to restricted keyways created for multiple management access.

Cylinder & Mortise Locksets

Cylinders and mortise locks, from high security to standard or IC core, are manufactured to precision tolerances and the highest quality standards.  These type of locks are available in deadbolt, lever, and door knobs.

Electric Door Strikes, Deadbolts & Maglocks

Electric bolt locks are compatible with virtually any access control system.

Camera Security System

There are multiple options in all categories that offer you real time recording a crystal clear image.

Door Closers.png

Door Closers

Door closers are designed to meet commercial marketplace requirements, from common installation to intelligent door closers, that continuously monitor door position, resistance, opening and closing needs.

Panic Bars, Exit Devices, and Alarms

Programmed to meet all fire codes. Rim and vertical options give you what you want – reliable, tough protection with low maintenance and multiple finishes.

Access Control & Keypad Locks

Reduce the amount of keys to keep track of  electronic access, control systems are easily programmed to keep you secure at all times and manage access by person, time, or date.

Project Management

Our team works together to ensure the integration processes is completed in a timely manner and within budget.

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