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Secure Your In-House Cash Handling

Greater Security for Transported or Transferred Assets

A secure compartment affords storage for cash and other items requiring two separate actions to open the door.

Deters Internal Theft and Smash/Grab Robbery

Substantial steel containment cart has multiple doors and compartments requiring multi-step levels of access.

Allows Mobility without Easy Access

Cash carts are easily movable, but are massive and substantial enough to persuade intruders to look for better targets.

Provides Customers a Sense of Confidence

The use of a cash carts provide customers with a sense of workplace order and security procedure.

Three sizes for your needs:

Cash Cart (Large)

38.5" x 27" x 31.5"

380 lbs

Mini Cash Cart

26" x 20" x 29"

230 lbs

Micro Cash Cart

24" x 14" x 38.5"

125 lbs

Thousands of Cash Carts
sold to the #1 Retailer!
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