Frequently asked questions

How do I open the Forza safe?

When you receive your safe, your combination is automatically set to 1-2-3-4-5-6 To Open the Safe: 1. Enter the current 6 digit combination code and then you will hear one beep and the red like will blink twice quickly. Note: Do not press the (checkmark or arrow) buttons 2. Turn the handle to the LEFT to open the safe.

How to change the code to your Forza safe lock?

Make sure you OPEN the safe and leave the door open when changing the code to the safe. Hold down the “0” key until the red led light remains on and there is a long beep. Enter your current code. Enter the new 6 digit code. Enter the new code again to confirm. Test the new code with the safe open. You may now open the safe with your new code.

What happens if I enter the wrong code?

You will hear a long beep, just renter the correct code and the safe should open. Note: Before opening the safe, make sure the handle is completely vertical – push it towards the lock.

How do I change the battery on the electronic lock?

To change the 9-volt battery, slide the door open underneath the lock. Gently pull the battery out from underneath. Disconnect the old battery from the connector. Replace it with the new battery. Place the battery back into the lock. Your lock should begin working normally.

I've lost or forgot the combination. I need help getting into the safe.

If you are still having trouble getting into your safe, please call Rolland Solutions to speak with a technical representative at: 1-800-225-2984 Note: For security reasons, you will need to be the purchaser of the safe and you will need the serial number on the safe in order for a technican to help you with resetting the combination.

How do I remove and re-install the shelf?

I've tried changing my battery, but I still cannot get into my safe.

If you are still having trouble getting into your safe, please call Rolland Solutions to speak with a technical representative at: 1-800-225-2984

How do I anchor the Forza safe myself?

First, decide where to mount your safe. Find a place that is well lit and hidden from view but easy to access in case you need to get to the contents quickly. The bolts that come with the safe are for concrete floors only. For wood floors or other surfaces, please go to a hardware store and ask a sales associate what size bolt and drill bit you would need. You can also schedule a technician to come out to install your safe by calling 1-800-225-2984. The video below shows you how to anchor your safe through a tile floor with concrete base, or solid concrete.

Is there a warranty on the safe?

The UL Rated electronic lock comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty. Rolland does offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Forza Safe in the event of a burglary or a natural disaster. At Rolland Solutions, we’re proud to honor our customers with a lifetime replacement and brand promise, because we truly care about our customers. In addition, we offer the highest degree of customer service, care, and attention in the industry. We take pride in the quality, durability, and reliability of our safes. Since we believe your choice of the Forza safe is a safe to last for generations, we’re proud to offer lifetime protection. A Lifetime Warranty means your safe is warranted against: Damage from an attempted break-in or an actual break-in Natural flood and fire If any of these unfortunate events occur Rolland will repair or replace any defective or damaged part or replace the safe completely, as long as the proper documentation is provided and the safe is registered under your name and the safe’s serial number. Whenever possible, the safe will be repaired locally. If your Forza safe needs to be replaced, we’ll simply require the old safe to be returned to the factory at our expense. The warranty does NOT cover replacing any valuables or documents that you kept in the safe.