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Pawn Safe family of products, current state

November 2017

Rolland Safe & Lock Company of Dallas introduced the pawn safe in 2003.


The first series of safes, the Pawnguard was manufactured in Canada, and this basic unit provided protection for thousands of pawn organizations. As the popularity grew, and the cost to produce it increased, Rolland optioned to re-engineer the design bringing the price to a level that was more affordable to single pawn shops. The effort resulted in the Pawnsafe 35, produced by Diebold China for Rolland and was a great success at a cost 40% less than the original Pawnguard. This unit first made its appearance in 2007.


By the year 2013, the Shanghai Diebold relationship was coming to it conclusion and it was clear that the market in US and Mexico was calling for a more connected product. Rolland began to develop the 3rd generation pawn unit, the DMS (Drawer Management System) 32. This unit had its insert and TL-30 safe manufactured in China, but the electronics were manufactured and installed in the Rolland Dallas office. This DMS 32 has proven to be the most stable and flexible product in the Pawnsafe series.


The concern was that as we moved further away from selling and servicing the original Pawnguard and Pawnsafe 35, repair parts that were proprietary to the units became less accessible. Without a sufficient amount of volume and with the market changing to the newer more stable DMS 32, Rolland decided to design the DMS O/S so that it could be used to upgrade any Pawnsafe 35 that could no longer be serviced. This decision was made to be able to offer an alternative to Pawnsafe 35 owners that was less cost than having to purchase an entire new product.


Today, when any critical component of the Pawnsafe O/S fails, the alternative is to retrofit the electronics portion of the safe to the new DMS 32. Rolland understands that this is a broad jump from a simple service event, but has shown that the ROI on the electronic conversion to be in some cases less than 3 years, given the dependability of the DMS 32 system. This DMS electronic conversion essentially creates a new product and offers the same stability and warranty as a brand new DMS 32.


The conversion usually takes place in a single day and is done on site in the store. The standard cost is approximately ½ of what a new unit would cost, and improves performance of the safe significantly. Additionally, because the electronic are US made and proprietary to DMS 32, the shelf life of the DMS 32 is expected to last thru the next 12 to 20 years. Rolland estimates there are approximately 4500 Pawnsafe 35’s in use that eventually will convert to the newer DMS 32 operating system.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. 

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