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Planet Vault™ - The Earth Conscious Safe

Outsmarting the Criminal

The Planet Vault™  is the first intelligent safe of its kind that presents all the components to make it extremely difficult and time consuming to succeed in compromising the barrier. Built in the spirit of global deployment, the design of the Planet Vault's barrier defense is unparalleled in its ability to technologically use the strengths of common burglary tools against themselves. 

Security with a Conscience

This patented product utilized over 97% of its materials from recycled sources. Technologically advanced from the era of concrete safes, the Planet Vault offers a distinct and proprietary design that defeats the criminal, dramatically reduces carbon footprint and saves logistic resources due to its light weight. In alignment with the global effort to build for a more environmentally friendly world, the Planet Vault offers recycled and sustainable material in its design.

" With its UL seal of approval, Rolland has sold the Planet Vault to traditional customers in the banking, jeweling and lending industry. The eco-friendly safes have also garnered interest from the burgeoning cannabis industry, where clients tend to be more environmentally aware." - GreenSourceDFW Article (Click Here to Read Article)

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