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Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees


As we approach this year’s busy holiday season, we sometimes forget how important it is to develop a culture where employees feel they should remain honest.

Here are some tips for developing a culture of honesty at your location:


  • Who you hire in your business determines what kind of culture you will create. Whether hiring for seasonal or long-term, fully vetting potential employees for integrity and the proper fit in the company is the most proactive thing you can do in establishing a culture of honesty.


  • A well-defined and communicated theft awareness program will deter theft both internal and external. This program will also let new hires such as seasonal employees know that NO theft will be tolerated.


  • Random surprise audits and reviews such as closing package checks are a great way to keep employees honest because it reduces the opportunity to do something wrong. Also, don’t forget the small things like letting employees know when you see them do something positive. This will improve their moral and also let them know you are always paying attention.

Best wishes for a very safe and prosperous holiday season!


Written by Matthew Jones of Sapphire Risk Advisory Group.

Matthew is a Business Development Manager at Sapphire Risk. He has been in the retail security and safety field for over 10 years working for The Home Depot, J.C. Penney, CVS Pharmacy, and Kohl’s. He has had training from the United States Army and the Lamar Institute of Technology Police Academy. He received a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education to be a certified Peace Officer and is Interview and Interrogation Certified by Wicklander-Zulawski.

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