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Who works behind-the-scenes at Rolland?

Each month at Rolland, we feature a video about one of our employees who are not visible to our customers. They work very hard and go above and beyond each and every day to make our customers happy.

These individuals are the heartbeat of Rolland and make us a better security solutions company. Whether it's coordinating the safe prep schedule or cutting thousands of keys per month for nationwide businesses - they do it with a smile on their faces.

In January, we featured Katrina Dykes, our fearless Warehouse Manager who also won the 2017 Annual Inspired Service Award. You can learn more about "KK" here in this video:

Our February Employee Spotlight is Travis Williams who works in the Keying Center here at Rolland. He's a delight to have on our team with his infectious smile and happy attitude.

Each month we post these videos on the Rolland Facebook Page.

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