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"BIG BOX" Store Safes: They Are Inexpensive for a Reason

If you have officially launched your search for a safe, you may find that "Big Box" store safes seem to be everywhere. And their low prices can be difficult to ignore. However, store bought safes are inexpensive for a reason. If you are searching for a safe to protect your valuables, it is important to understand the many differences that exist between store bought safes and high-quality safes manufactured by an expert in the security industry. Below is a look at the shortcomings of store bought safes and the steps you can take to make sure that you purchase a hacker-proof, fire-resistant safe that will stand the test of time.

Why do some people fall prey to the lure of "Big Box" store safes?

It can be difficult to ignore "Big Box" store safes. After all, they often carry unbelievably low price tags and appear front and center during an online search for a safe. Here are three key reasons why so many people end up with a poor quality safe that may not offer adequate protection for their valuables:

  • High visibility: Giant retailers spend billions of dollars on advertising to make sure that their safes are highly visible during online searches

  • Low prices: Safes marketed by large retailers are often made with cheaper materials and have much lower price tags than high quality safes

  • Lack of knowledge: Most consumers are now aware of the stark difference in quality between five-star safes and run of the mill safes

What are the shortcomings of "Big Box" safes?

The path to securing a high-quality safe begins with an understanding of the shortcomings of the typical department store safe. Through awareness of differences in quality and craftsmanship, you will understand why large retailers are able to offer much lower prices. Here are the top five reasons why "Big Box" store safes are often less expensive:

1) They are manufactured with thin steel

"Many safes and their interior components look formidable upon casual examination. But looks aren't everything. The beefy locking bolts on this safe are too short; they'll bend within the thin-wall carriage that holds them once if an intruder applies the right leverage with a crowbar."

- Ben Stewart, Popular Mechanics

Safes should be designed with the strongest, highest quality steel. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case with store bought safes. In an effort to control costs and produces higher volumes of safes, big box manufacturers will use thin, low grade steel during the manufacturing process. Specialty providers know that weak steel can compromise a safe's quality and never take shortcuts with manufacturing materials.

2) Locks are not UL-rated

A tamper-proof lock is vital to preventing burglars from breaking into your safe. Most store bought safes are built with a cheap, plastic lock that hackers can easily dismantle. They do not feature the higher caliber UL-rated locks that stop thieves in their tracks.

3) Poor quality welding

"In cheaper gun safes, the skip welds are not connected, leaving the joints non-continuous and much weaker. Plastic body filler compound is put in between the welds to make the joint look continuous, when it is not."- Jaime Capra, Gun Safe Review Guys (GSRG)

Poor welding can leave your valuables at increased risk for theft because safe joints tend to be weaker. Hackers can often spot a safe with poor welding and will target weak spots to break into your safe and access your belongings.

4) They lack a certified fire rating

When low grade materials and filler compounds are used to make a safe, the safe's ability to protect your possessions during a fire is severely compromised. Filler materials used to try to hide poor quality construction are often flammable, preventing cheap safes from being able to earn a certified fire rating.

5) They often have no anchoring capabilities

"If you can bring your safe inside your home, somebody else can take it out. Even loaded down with guns and ammo, a couple of determined crooks with common moving tools could steal pretty much any safe. Since you don't want this to happen, you need to secure your safe."-

The typical store bought safe can easily be removed from your home and carried right out your front door. The only way to prevent a thief from doing this is to purchase a safe that can be fixed or anchored to your floor or wall. This type of safe should only be purchased from a company that specializes in safes and security solutions.

How can you prevent these pitfalls from putting your property at risk?

The single best way to prevent these pitfalls from putting your property at risk is to invest in a Rolland Safe. In contrast to many companies that sell safes, we actually manufacture our own safes. This allows us to monitor and control the quality of your safe from the moment production begins until the moment your safe is packaged for safe dispatch. Here are just a few reasons why Rolland is the nation's most trusted manufacturer of high quality safes:

  • Industry Experience: Rolland has over 110 years of experience in the safe manufacturing industry

  • Family-owned and Operated: With a family-oriented approach, Rolland is committed to delivering customized service and guidance

  • Industry approvals: Rolland offers UL rated safes that undergo extensive testing and quality assurance procedures to guarantee utility

  • High quality materials: Component quality and expert craftsmanship are the cornerstones of Rolland's operations

  • Unparalleled Service: Rolland is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to ensure that receive the support that you need

  • USA-based Facilities: With corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Rolland serves clients in the USA and across the globe

We invite you to contact us to discover why we are the nation's most dependable manufacturer of safes and other security solutions. We only use the strongest, UL-rated locks and fire-rated materials to design our safes and are known for our commitment to quality. We look forward to serving as your trusted provider for all of your security needs!

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