Rolland offers a variety of security products and services to fit your business or residence needs.


For your best experience, please reach out to our Sales Specialists today to help navigate which product is the best fit for you.




Drops are made into a storage compartment through a one-way deposit system that secures the contents until authorized access is gained through the door.


UC1310, UC1414,

UC 1616, UC 1717, UC2720, UC3024, UC4025




Tech Bunker

B180 Inventory Safe


Cash Cart

Utility Chests

Daily cash management for any business environment where accumulating cash in the cash register is at risk for armed robbery or internal theft.

Inventory Storage Safes

Prevent smash and grab robberies and internal theft by ensuring that your assets are properly protected with a Tech Bunker and smart lock duo.


Gun Safes

Protect up to 50 long guns along with superior quality organization for all of your arsenal in a single high security gun safe.


High Security Safes

High quality safes meant for residences or small to medium-sized businesses who need to protect expensive valuables.


UL Rated High Security Safes

Larger high security safes certified by Underwriters Laboratory, the leading independent organization responsible for setting safety standards and testing for a wide range of industries.

Cash Management Safes

These systems are ideal for cash-intensive businesses. They provide cash security and greater employee accountability through an audit trail that connects each transaction to a registered user.



Highly customized high security vaults made with UL listed modular vault panels. For a vault request, please reach out to our vault specialist (


Electronic Safe Locks

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