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My safe is not opening. What do I do?
ANSWER  1: There could be pressure on the bolts. Turn the handle the opposite direction of the hinges as if you were locking the safe. Try the code again and turn the handle.


ANSWER 2: If you have an electronic lock and are not hearing any beeps or seeing any lights in the lock, you might need to replace the batteries.


ANSWER 3: Check the combination that you are using. Re-enter the combination and try to unlock the safe.


I have lost my combination. How can I unlock my safe?
ANSWER: If no one else has the combination, call or email Rolland and we will send authorization to release the code if available. If the code is not available, we can dispatch a certified technician to assess the safe.


I have lost the keys to my safe. Can I get new ones?
A: Locate the safe serial number of the key code attached to additional keys and contact Rolland. If new keys cannot be cut or replaced, we can dispatch a certified technician to assess the safe.


My safe is not locking. How can I lock the safe?
ANSWER: : Check to see if the contents inside the safe are all the way in and not blocking the door. Check the bolts and make sure they are not bent and retracted into the unlock position. Try unlocking the safe while it is in the open position to ensure bolts are retracted. Try closing the safe again. If the safe still will not close, please contact Rolland.


My safe is locking with the door open and I need to close the door. What do I do?
ANSWER: : Please call Rolland. A technician may need to come to your location to service the bolt mechanism.


The door is out of alignment and is not shutting properly. What do I do?
ANSWER: : Sometimes the hinges in a safe can become out of alignment and may need to be readjusted by a technician. The safe may also need to be leveled.


I need to move my safe to another location or another place in my store or home. Who can move this and how do I schedule a move?
ANSWER: : Call Rolland and have the serial number for your safe available for records. A customer service representative can pull up your records and schedule a move for you. Please note whether each location has stairs, steps, rises, inclines, or whether the safe is located on the first, second, or third story of a building.

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