A safe or vault is your last line of defense in protecting your assets. Rolland has over 100 years of experience as a safe provider, distributor and now a manufacturer. Depending on your requirements and needs, we can recommend the best security solution for your business.


There are four major varying components of a safe or vault: Structure, Barrier, Boltwork, and Access.

Safes in Rolland Showroom

Having issues with your safe?

Go to our Safe Issues FAQ Page.


What is the intended purpose of the safe/vault?

♦ Utility and Depository Safes

♦ Fire and Burglary Resistant Safes

♦ High Security UL Rated Safes


How is the door secured?

♦ Autolock

♦ Attended Bolt Solution


What keeps the bad guys from getting in?

♦ Steel 

♦ Composite (Concrete, Steel)

♦ Polyceramic (Polymers, Ceramics and Steel)


What kind of lock is on the safe/vault?

♦ Mechanical

♦ Basic Electronic

♦ Redundancy (Mechanical and Electronic)

♦ IP Connectivity 

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