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There is no other company that can provide a more thorough and comprehensive door security solution for your business. It's not just about the products, it's about having a positive experience implementing the best solution that fits your needs.

Mechanical Hardware

A look and fit for every entrance and exit from deadbolts to levers, knobs to high security. Our mechanical hardware is outfitted with cylinders manufactured to precision tolerances and the highest quality standards.

Electrified Hardware

Never have to change the locks. If a keycard is lost, it can be immediately removed from the database and a new one can be issued. If an employee leaves your company, his or her access rights can be deleted within seconds.

Stand Alone

Access Control

Electronic Access Control is quickly programmed to meet your security needs. Set user-level access and allow or restrict access by time, date, or user(s).

Door Closers

Designed to meet commercial marketplace requirements from common installation to intelligent door closers that continuously monitor door position, resistance, opening, and closing needs.

Interchangeable Cores

When it’s time to change the locks, management can quickly re-key the facility themselves without locksmith assistance. Interchangeable Cores are created for multiple levels of management access, from master to restricted.

Key System Management

Rolland’s key management team specializes in regional and national rollouts, managing every aspect of the project, from system layout to implementation in the field.

Exit Alarm

Business facilities requires many entry points for deliveries, clients, employees, and emergency exits. These entry points are also where stolen inventory leaves and unwanted intruders enter. Rolland's Exit Alarm guards against unauthorized entry or exit.

Exit Device

Manufactured to meet all fire codes, Rolland’s rim and vertical exit device options provide reliable protection with low maintenance.

Multipoint Exit Lock

Maximum protection against prying attempts at the lock-edge of the door. Stainless steel bolts project 1”. Code Compliant single-motion paddle egress. Miami-Dade County NOA Rated. Door is automatically locked when closed. A door closer is required and a pull handle is not furnished. Easy Installation

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