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SpeedFACE Takes Biometric Access Control to Another Level

If you haven’t heard about any of the touchless temperature detection devices being pushed out on the market then you need to start coming out of your pandemic cave. One such device, the SpeedFACE Reader by ZKTeco, is a unique and revolutionary access control device. In addition to the ability to quickly read different faces and palms, the SpeedFACE gets a temperature read in 3 seconds or less. In the post Covid-19 world, this device with award-winning facial recognition technology has been a huge asset for companies and has helped speed up the process of businesses being able to bring employees back to the office.

What is the SpeedFACE Reader?

The SpeedFACE device is a tablet that comes in two different sizes, 8" and 5". In addition to providing face, fingerprint, and palm user authentication, the SpeedFACE can detect if a protective mask is being worn. Users can be denied door access if an unacceptable facial temperature or if no mask is detected.

Features include, but are not limited to:

• Identify high temperature readings in 3 seconds or less.

• Identify if a mask is present or not.

• Facial Read Distance of 8’.

• Facial Temperature Read up to 18” away.

• Hands Free Palm Reader Technology.

• Dual Lens camera recognizes faces in total darkness and bright sunlight.

• Stores & matches up to 50,000 face templates

• Intelligent energy-saving design

How is the SpeedFACE useful even in a post-Covid World?

The SpeedFACE system could be a huge asset after the pandemic subsides when temperature detection becomes less of a priority. Unlike other products on the market, these devices can do more than read your temperature or detect a mask. The ability to secure facilities accurately with access control is becoming increasingly important for airports, schools, commercial office buildings, and other public meeting areas.

At colleges and universities, the schools can install the system at the doors of academic and dormitory buildings so that students and faculty can easily access the buildings using face or palm reading without having to keep track of access cards. Also, it boosts security around campus by only allowing access to people already registered in the system and keeping track of visitors as they enter buildings.

Furthermore, corporations with corporate office buildings can safely have their employees go back to work by scanning to make sure each employee is wearing a mask when they walk in and meet the temperature criteria. Post Covid-19, the system can be programmed to allow access and deny access through certain doors.

As the restaurant and retail world have drained their cash reserves during the pandemic, politicians and community leaders are looking for reasons to allow businesses to open up and recoup more of their lost revenue. In this application, SpeedFACE can be set up to quickly take the temperature of each employee that enters the facility to help ensure safety amongst all customers and staff.

For concerts and other large public events, the devices can be installed to check temperatures as the customers walk through an entrance, as well as capture their facial images in the event of a security incident. ZKTeco also offers a metal detector that has temperature detection as well. And with the remarkable speed and accuracy it wouldn’t be more than a hiccup at entrances, while also offering a greater peace of mind to both the staff and customers.

About the Author:

Grant Gallo is currently a marketing intern at Sapphire Risk Advisory Group and student are Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. Grant is a management and marketing major at Nazareth and is also a member of the men’s ice hockey team.

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