Touchless Door Security






Keep your facility secure from unhealthy germs by installing touchless door hardware solutions.


A HANDS FREE door opening can minimize a multitude of skin-to-surface touchpoints throughout the day.

Wave to Open Door Switch

Upgrading doorways to open hands-free is easy with a combination of any low energy door operator and Wave-to-Open Switch.

  • Convenient kits comprise all components for doors with or without locking hardware

  • No additional power supply needed, operator powers both wave-to-open switch and electric strike

  • Sensor in wave-to-open switch detects motion and opens door without transferring germs

  • Precision sensor opens door only when movement is detected within 0" to 4" of the wave-to-open switch.

Hands Free Door Openers

Arm and foot pulls are easy, cost-effective options for hands-free door operation in new and pre-existing aluminum, metal or wood openings, such as entrances, corridors and restrooms..​

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